Bosecom Objectives

We solely believe in providing efficiency and productivity in our field. Whether we are building you a PC or repairing your equipment we are here to reduce your downtime and increase your proficiency.

Bosecom Services

We aim to provide a complete range of computer repair services and build new PC systems to order at very competitive prices.

Bosecom Support

We support both businesses and home users, making sure to give a professional and efficient service and keep a very high standard when looking after our customers.

Bosecom Up To Date

We at Bosecom have witnessed many changes in the field and we strive to remain up to date with our offered services.

Bosecom Reliability

We are flexable because have a wealth of experience in our team to call upon, so rest assured that you, your' computer and your' data are in safe hands.

Need More Information?

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General FAQ

Who is Bosecom?

We are Bosecom -  a passionate, driven, well-organised company of engineers, administration and service staff who are entirely dedicated to honesty and reliability.

When was Bosecom Created?

Bosecom was created 10 years ago as an umbrella company to help field engineers and software developers work under one organisational name. Bosecom became "Bosecom Limited" on March 3rd 2015, since then we have started again in the repair industry and have built a team of dedicated engineers and developers to further grow and continue to be innovative.

Where is Bosecom Based?

Bosecom Limited is located at Unit 6 Park House, 15-19 Greenhill Crescent, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 8PH, UK. Further information can be found at the bottom of our page.

I’m having technical problems with your website, can you help?

If there is a technical issue refraining you from accessing our pages please inform us on 020 33933925, anytime Mon-Fri, 9:30am–6pm, or email us using our Contact Form.

Repair FAQ

Who will be repairing my product?

Repairs are done in house by our experienced engineers. We also offer you the best after-care service.

Do you repair Apple Macs or just PCs?

We repair both PCs and Macs, and many other types of computer as well.

How do I book a repair?

Personal: Book in an appointment for a consultation / repair using our contact us page.

Business: TBC

How can I pay for my repair?

We accept payments through PayPal.

What happens if you are unable to repair my hardware?

If we are unable to repair your equipment, we will refund your repair charge in full.

Does it matter how old my hardware is?

We can usually repair most units regardless of age, but there are times where we would struggle to obtain replacement parts. In these cases, we would notify you immediately and plan a course of action that is more suitable to your circumstances. 

If you need to order parts, how long will it take?

Usually it is the next working day when we  have the parts when ordered before 4pm. This is subjected to the supply chain.

When do you do repairs?

Repairs are available *7 days a week.

Can you remove a virus?

We have removed thousands of viruses over the years and we pride ourselves on our ability to clean-up machines without having to reinstall the software from scratch.

I’m having trouble getting on the internet. Do you have to visit my house?

Not necessarily. Give us a call and we can assist you advising the best options available.

Custom Build FAQ

Where is your computer custom building information?

All custom builds and inquiries are located on our other website

How will I know if you have the product I want in stock?

We do our very best to keep our site up to date and reflect on our store section if we are out of stock. However, on the rare occasion that we were unable to update this on the site we would quickly update you via email and refund you if your payment was accepted.

Can I collect my purchase from your location?

Yes, if you would rather collect your item from us please contact us. Once details have been confirmed you will be able to collect from us. 

Can I purchase over the phone instead of the website?

Yes, if you prefer to order over the telephone, please call us on 020 33933925, any time Mon-Fri – 9:30am–6pm. One of our experienced team members will be happy to help you choose a suitable product and process your order.

I’m having technical problems with your website, can you help?

If there is an technical issue refraining you from accessing our pages please inform us on 020 33933925, any time Mon-Fri, 9:30am–6pm, or email us using our Contact Form.