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Business Computer Repair & Remote IT Support

In the ever-present information age almost every business relies on computer access in one way or another. A computer fault or issue arising means a employee is essentially unable to work. Multiply that with all employee’s relying on a working computer exemplifies the paramount need to have an efficient IT support service just a call away. We at Bosecom offer regular computer maintenance, break fix services and remote IT support to accommodate large scale business environments within the Greater London area.


Computer Maintenance & Repair

In businesses where there may be 100’s of Desktops/Laptops in use on a daily basis, you will need an engineer that can quickly arrive at your premise and repair the fault as soon as possible. Once you have registered with us, all you need to do is call us about the fault. We will then schedule  for an engineer to arrive at your premise and resolve the issue. Our team has over 10+ years of experience in the electronic repair industry and we are proficient in repairing all the common brands such as Dell, HP, Apple and Lenovo. We do break/fix (part replacement) repairing which is the most efficient way of having a fast repair turnover for businesses. We replace all parts with genuine branded components that are in either new or refurbished condition to ensure a high quality and reliable repair on the device.



> CPU’s, Motherboards, RAM, HDD/SSD replacing
> Graphics card replacement and installation
> Operating system re-installations
> Bios flashing and replacing
> Computer case building and rewiring
> Motherboard or peripheral component replacements
> Optical disc drive repair
> Hard drive data recovery



> Battery replacement
> LED/LCD screen replacement
> Laptop lid cover and base replacement
> Laptop interior clean (i.e. liquid damage or excessive dust clogging vents)
> CPU’s, Motherboards, RAM, HDD/SSD replacing
> Operating system re-installations
> CPU/Graphics fan replacement
> Peripheral ports/sockets replacement (i.e. damaged USB or DC power socket)



> Touch screen digitizer replacement
> LED/LCD screen replacement
> Battery replacement
> DC Jack/Mini/Micro/HDMI/ port replacements
> Software & firmware upgrades or re-installations
> Tablet base chassis replacement
> Tablet performance clean up



> Printers, Photocopiers & Scanners
> Routers & ethernet switches
> Digital video recorders
> Fax machines
> Projectors
> Standalone screen monitors


As a business grows, the number of technical issues follow, and eventually having an IT Specialist on immediate call becomes a requirement. Our team at Bosecom are trained and ready to resolve any problem efficiently and without the need to be onsite. We provide round the clock 24-hour emergency support, 7 days a week with no hassle or lengthy ticket response. One of our in-house technicians will swiftly handle any arising problems to get you back to business. We offer remote assistance wherever in the UK on any IT issue; provided you still have internet access.

Our remote support allows us to handle problems arising from, but not limited to: software compatibility issues, Operating system errors, missing or incorrect driver faults, local network accessibility & setup issues, account security permissions, internet & IP configuration errors, malware removal and IT performance management configurations.


Whatever the technical issue, we offer hourly ad-hoc remote support in fixing the issue. If you are new and need immediate assistance you can call us on 020 33933925 and we will get you connected right away on our hourly support option. This ‘pay as you go’ service ensures you are in control of the costs and no extra or hidden fees being mounted on.

As well as our ad-hoc services we provide scheduled network maintenance. Typically network maintenance is done on a monthly basis, however we can schedule remote support that is periodically tailored to the dynamics of your network environment. This helps reduce the chance of cyber security breaches and network failures that disrupt your business environment, whilst ensuring all of the devices within your local area network are maintaining optimum performance.


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