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With the speed at which computer IT and associated equipment is evolving, the ever increasing demand for efficient IT recycling grows. We offer collecting and recycling for almost all unneeded IT equipment primarily in business environments but also in personal home settings. We offer this recycling service for IT equipment that is working, or faulty, or even old and obsolete. If you desire, you can bring your unwanted equipment to us or we can arrange a collection at your premise.

Once your equipment is in our hands we will attempt to refurbish as much of it as we can to acceptable standards. We export a significant amount of refurbished equipment to different business sectors overseas. This helps conserve many rare and precious materials used in electronic equipment which improves the sustainability of their use. We do not export to locations that are notorious of possessing illegal and/or unsustainable recycling networks. If we are unable to remarket your disposed of equipment in any way, our team will responsibly salvage the materials in line with the ‘Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations’ act of 2013. This helps the UK country effort in reducing the amount of electronic waste reaching landfill sites and promotes sustainable use of all electronic equipment as a whole. Our premise is situated in Watford, so we are not too far from any premise within the Greater London area.

We recycle:

 >  Desktops & Laptops
  Tablets & Mobile Smartphones
  Monitors and TV screens
  Routers, switches and servers
  Internal or external HDD & SSD hard drives
  Magnetic tape drives, CD/DVD’s, flash drives & floppy disks
  CCTV DVR’s (Digital video recorders) & DVR cameras
  Printers & photocopiers
  Other peripherals (ie projectors, keyboards, mice, headsets, conference speakers etc)
  Internal PC components such as graphics cards, motherboards & CPU’s
  VoIP or landline phones & fax machines



Collection of your items is free provided your location is within the Greater London area, have a collection of 20 or more items and depending on the type of items being collected (most typical computer related items will be free for collection). If you choose for us to collect, please organise the equipment as much as possible and have them in a reasonably accessible location. We are flexible on the day and time on when you would like us to collect.

Data Destruction

When handling any electronic unit with a data storage device, we take the utmost care in ensuring your data is secure and protected. Simply pressing delete is not enough to prevent digital information from being accessed as there are many data recovery software’s that can restore the information.  HDD’s, SSD’s and other storage devices undergo a data overwrite erasure procedure before we recycle the hardware. This renders the data on the storage unit unrecoverable before we have begun the recycling process.  If you are not satisfied with your storage device leaving your premise with sensitive information, we can arrange for a technician to perform the data erasure procedure onsite before we collect it for absolute peace of mind.

Usually, businesses that desire their storage devices to be erased also want to scrap them. However we also provide data destruction as a standalone service if you wish to sanitise sensitive business data only and require the storage device returned. To keep in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) there has been a growing demand for a recurrent data erasure service in businesses that deal with high volumes of customer data. Thus, we also offer a regular scheduled data destruction service for as long as you require. As confirmation of collection and data erasure completion, we make a record for all storage devices erased, where we log the model, serial number, time, date and location while it is in our hands.

If you are interested please click the link to the right and fill in the form giving as much information as possible. Within 48 hours we will respond with a price quote (if any), what we are able to recycle, when we are available to collect, advice on the WEEE recycling initiative and  confirmation on if you would like to proceed with us.

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