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  • Dedicated to Honesty & Reliability
  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Helpdesk Support
  • Computer / Laptop Repairs
  • Office 365 / Azure / Windows Server
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Networking & Restructuring
  • Websites & App Development
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(SEO) Search Engine Optimisation

Bosecom, a company specializing in digital marketing services, offers comprehensive SEO solutions tailored to meet business needs. Their services encompass a range of SEO strategies, including keyword research, content optimization, and technical SEO, all designed to improve a website’s search engine ranking. By addressing both on-page and off-page SEO elements, Bosecom aims to enhance website visibility, drive traffic, and ultimately boost business growth. Their expertise in the latest SEO trends and practices ensures that clients’ websites are not only visible but also relevant and authoritative in their respective industries.


What is SEO?

Simply building a good website is not enough to drive traffic to your website. To be recognised online you need to generate organic traffic and the best way to do this is to rank higher on search engine result pages (or SERPs for short). SEO or Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your website in line with Google and other search engine algorithms to rank as high as possible on keywords relevant to your website. If you do not rank on the first page of search engines, it will be difficult to bring traffic to your website. Google SEO is typically the most requested and campaigned as it has over 90% market share over its competitors. As well as Google; we have extensive experience on optimising websites for Bing, Yahoo and Yandex.

Optimal keyword research

There was a time where throwing as many keywords into your site as possible was sufficient to rank high on search engines. Today however, search engine algorithms have become more advanced and complex. Bosecom guarantees in finding optimal keywords relevant to your site and using digital market research to help match customer searches to your site content. We focus on long-tail keywords as they have a higher conversion rate, however we promote short-tail keywords if desired. Long-tail keywords are more specific and thus more likely to resolve a user’s query in a search engine hence the higher conversion rate. They are also less competitive than short-tailed keywords.

Website Consultancy

How you market the content on your site is important not only for search engine algorithms, but also to ensure your site is useful and engaging to your potential viewers. Would you rather read a word heavy article on Photoshop basics? or one with bullet point information with useful illustrations? Bosecom offers consultancy sessions in improving the presentation of your content to capture your market audience. With our experience we can assist in the format and layout of your content to ensure viewers don’t look elsewhere for answers to their query.
conversion rate, however we promote short-tail keywords if desired. Long-tail keywords are more specific and thus more likely to resolve a user’s query in a search engine hence the higher conversion rate. They are also less competitive than short-tailed keywords.

Social Media exposure

A rather overlooked aspect of SEO is promoting your website on social media platforms. Although this does not directly affect your search engine ranking, it does spread your audience reach to some of the most widely used websites such as Facebook and Twitter. We at Bosecom help coordinate marketing strategies that improve exposure to potential viewers to your site. Our innovative approach promotes familiarity on multiple social media sites, which is particularly important in branding recognition. More exposure means more viewers and more viewers indirectly increases your search engine ranking.

White Hat Link Building

We at Bosecom specialise in white hat link building which is finding high quality websites relevant to your site and persuading the owners to backlink to your page. Backlinks are the core of search engine optimisation. As anyone will tell you backlinks are the best way to rank high on search engines. Backlinks are simply other websites hyperlinking to your website. More backlinks to your site tells search engines that your site is more likely to be accurate and suitable in satisfying a search engine query. However not all backlinks are equal in their search engine influence. Some can even produce a negative ranking outcome. We at Bosecom assess various SEO metrics before gaining a backlink, therefore we guarantee effective and useful ones that will promote your backlink portfolio. It’s important to understand that a backlink from a well-known and prominent company will have a larger influence to your search engine ranking; compared with a backlink from a new or unpopular website. For this reason, we ensure in finding high quality backlinks that are in line with search engine guidelines

The Essential Elements of a Content Marketing Strategy

Creating a successful content marketing strategy hinges on understanding your audience and business objectives. However, certain key elements are fundamental to most effective content marketing strategies.

Below are the components you should expect to see in a content marketing strategy:


Keyword research

Keyword research is vital for SEO, as it identifies the terms people use in search engines. This insight guides content creation, helping businesses target relevant keywords to improve search rankings and attract the right audience. It’s key for optimizing web content, understanding market trends, and driving organic traffic, ultimately boosting online visibility and business success.

On-site optimization

On-site optimization is essential for SEO, focusing on improving a website’s content and HTML to boost search rankings. It involves refining meta tags, title tags, and keywords to make the site more search engine-friendly. This enhances user experience, increases engagement, and drives organic traffic, ultimately aiding in achieving higher search visibility and meeting online marketing objectives.

Competitor Analysis

In SEO is about examining rivals’ strategies, including their keywords, content, and backlinks. It helps identify opportunities for improvement, guiding businesses to enhance their own SEO tactics, outrank competitors, and attract more traffic. It helps in adapting and refining SEO approaches, ensuring they stay ahead of the competitio, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO optimizes a website’s infrastructure, focusing on site speed, mobile-friendliness, indexing, and security to enhance search engine performance. It ensures better crawling and indexing, improving visibility and user experience. This is crucial for a strong digital presence, driving organic traffic, and supporting overall SEO efforts


It focuses on tracking metrics like traffic, rankings, and conversions to understand user behavior and search trends. This analysis helps in identifying what works and what doesn’t, guiding adjustments in SEO tactics for better performance. Effective use of SEO analytics is key to optimizing a website’s search visibility, enhancing user engagement, and driving targeted traffic.

Ecommerce SEO

It involves keyword research tailored to product listings, improving site structure for easy navigation, and optimizing product descriptions and images. Effective e-commerce SEO enhances the visibility of products, attracts potential buyers, and contributes to increased revenue. It’s crucial for making online stores more competitive and successful in the digital marketplace.

Types of SEO Packages

Our range of digital marketing services is crafted to address a variety of typical challenges faced by businesses. These include issues such as low online engagement, attracting unsuitable customer segments, or being overshadowed by competitors in the digital arena.

Recognizing that every business is unique, we have designed our services to be flexible, allowing you to select an option that aligns perfectly with your specific objectives and budget.

Discover the ideal service for your business needs!


Basic SEO Packages

Aiming for a prominent position in search engine results is a universal goal for businesses. A lower ranking can significantly hinder potential customers from discovering your website. Our Essential SEO Solution is designed to quickly enhance your website’s performance, boosting its visibility in search results.

This package is ideal for businesses seeking to integrate fundamental SEO tactics into their marketing approach.

Components of the Essential SEO Solution typically encompass:

  • In-depth keyword research
  • Effective keyword optimization
  • Configuration of Google Analytics
  • Comprehensive website evaluation
  • Strategic on-page SEO implementation


Local SEO Packages

The Regional SEO Solution is tailored for businesses focusing on a specific regional market or seeking to boost in-store traffic. Industries that typically benefit from this include automotive, healthcare, legal services, and hospitality.

The primary goal of this package is to enhance your visibility and presence within the local community and among potential customers in the vicinity of your business.

Included in this package are various SEO services such as on-page optimization, guest blogging, strategic keyword enhancement, and technical SEO improvements. It also encompasses the creation or refinement of local business listings on platforms like Google Business Profile, Yelp, Bing Places for Business, Yellow Pages, and more.


Enterprise SEO Packages

Our Corporate SEO Solutions are crafted to support the unique demands of large corporations and digital marketing agencies. These entities often manage numerous websites and web pages, each requiring dedicated attention. Despite having substantial resources, these businesses may lack the specialized expertise to effectively manage their SEO requirements amidst ongoing expansion.

Designed with scalability in mind, our Corporate SEO Solutions empower companies to continue excelling in their core business areas. Our expert team takes charge of optimizing the websites and managing extensive campaigns, unlocking significant potential for return on investment. This approach ensures that the SEO needs are met efficiently, allowing businesses to focus on growth and operational excellence.


E-commerce SEO Packages

Online retail businesses are fundamentally dependent on their digital visibility. The success of their business model hinges on their ability to attract and engage their target audience, drawing them to their website. Our specialized e-commerce SEO packages are tailored to enhance these businesses’ internet marketing efforts effectively.

The reliance on search engines, particularly Google with its staggering 5 billion daily searches, for product and service information is immense.

Our e-commerce-focused SEO packages are designed with an emphasis on rank-building initiatives. These strategies are aimed at maximizing the online visibility and impact of your e-commerce store, ensuring it stands out in a highly competitive digital marketplace.


Link Building Packages

Our Backlink Development Solutions are focused on elevating your website’s authority and prominence in search engine results. This package encompasses a range of specialized activities including comprehensive backlink analysis, link remediation, blog development, and a suite of effective link-building tactics like content marketing, email outreach, and strategic public relations efforts.

Throughout the process, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a dedicated team adept in implementing various white hat techniques. These best practices in SEO are geared towards acquiring high-quality links that complement equally high-quality content.

SEO services is tailored based on the specific services you require, your targeted Domain Authority (DA) score, and the desired quantity of backlinks.

SEO Audit Packages

Website Performance Analysis Packages

Curious about your website’s search engine performance? Our Website Performance Analysis is essential for assessing the thoroughness of your current SEO strategies and identifying potential areas for enhancement. This comprehensive audit includes:

  • An overall website performance score.
  • Detailed identification of website issues and critical elements that require attention.
  • Insights into areas of opportunity for further improvement.
  • Tailored recommendations for boosting your website’s performance.

This package is essential for understanding and enhancing your website’s search engine presence

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